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The CoinEra experiment ends was created to show the difference between the Netherlands and Estonia!

After I moved to the Netherlands I recreated a clone of, and named it It was in fact nearly entirely identical to what was, with the same trading limit, and nearly the same texts (sans Estonian of course).

My main purpose was to show the difference between the Netherlands and Estonia. Doing the exact same thing in both countries had vastly different outcomes.

I was never bothered by any Dutch official for having my own website that showed my personal Bitcoin buying and selling prices. In Estonia the same site took me all the way to the Supreme Court and even the Supreme Court allowed the harassment.

But the days of interpersonal trading have long gone, as there is no shortage of real trading platforms and services these days. Only once in a blue moon did I still trade with someone, and frankly it was too time consuming to be worth the effort. It is also no longer really needed to promote Bitcoin either.

But I kept alive to prove a point I made, when I said that what happened to me in Estonia would not have happened in the Netherlands. Now I can say that indeed the same thing does not happen in the Netherlands.


On this day, April 29th, 2016, the experiment ends.

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